dim1 [dım] adj comparative dimmer superlative dimmest
3 take a dim view of something
4 dim recollection/awareness etc
6¦(future chances)¦
7 in the dim and distant past
8¦(not intelligent)¦
[: Old English;]
1.) ¦(DARK)¦
fairly dark or not giving much light, so that you cannot see well
≠ ↑bright
in the dim light of the early dawn
a dim glow
2.) ¦(SHAPE)¦
a dim shape is one which is not easy to see because it is too far away, or there is not enough light
The dim outline of a building loomed up out of the mist.
3.) take a dim view of sth
to disapprove of something
Miss Watson took a dim view of Paul's behaviour.
4.) dim recollection/awareness etc
a memory or understanding of something that is not clear in your mind
= ↑vague
Laura had a dim recollection of someone telling her this before.
5.) ¦(EYES)¦
literary dim eyes are weak and cannot see well
Isaac was old and his eyes were dim.
if your chances of success in the future are dim, they are not good
Prospects for an early settlement of the dispute are dim.
7.) in the dim and distant past
a very long time ago - used humorously
8.) ¦(NOT INTELLIGENT)¦ informal
not intelligent
You can be really dim sometimes!
>dimly adv
a dimly lit room
She was only dimly aware of the risk.
>dimness n [U]
dim 2
dim2 v past tense and past participle dimmed present participle dimming
1.) [I and T]
if a light dims, or if you dim it, it becomes less bright
The lights in the theatre began to dim.
2.) [I and T]
if a feeling, quality etc dims or is dimmed, it grows weaker or less
Even the rain could not dim their enthusiasm.
Hopes of a peaceful settlement have dimmed.
3.) dim your headlights/lights
AmE to lower the angle of the front lights of your car, especially when someone is driving towards you
British Equivalent: dip

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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